Photography and Film

Capture your perfect moment!

We provide highly trained, beautiful horses of many shapes, sizes and colours for photography and film. 

Due to our strong foundation and principles in natural horsemanship, our horses mental, emotional and physical needs are always put first and this reflects in how trusting they are in new situations and with models, costume, screens and cameras.

Be assured that because these are our personal horses we focus on quality not quantity and their welfare is of upmost importance to us. 

Each of our horses have unique talents and we play to each horses strength to bring the best out in them. 

Our creative team can help bring your ideas to fruition! From cinematography to composing, we have connections with it all.


We specialize in:


-Tricks: Rear, Lie Down, Spanish Walk, Bow

-Classical Dressage 

-Smoke and Fire Training

Our horses are so well trained they can even be at liberty on the beach! 

We have worked with fashion modeling, magazines, TV adverts, music videos and much more. 

Being based in Northamptonshire we are extremely central meaning we can travel to your location and we also have beautiful rolling countryside and woodland of our own, including a bluebell woods in May. 

We can provide authentic period costume and tack for your specification and our own models. 


We host and provide horses and models for photography days as well as for creative art. 

If you run a group or would like to organise a particular themed shoot, we can help. 

If you are interested in discussing and booking a day with horses and models we can bring your ideas to life! 

Kiko photoshoot
Kiko photoshoot

Spirit Lie down
Spirit Lie down

Photo shoot with Solo
Photo shoot with Solo

Kiko photoshoot
Kiko photoshoot