HORSE TRAINING - Before we can teach a horse we must first understand how they learn. 

Mia wants to teach people to have good horsemanship, giving them the habits and skills they need to become a great partner for their horse. 

Horse Development is about 'Teaching Horses'. As you progress through your horsemanship journey you may find yourself in need of someone to help teach the horse!

The horse may be a foal, a young horse getting its first rides, a particularly difficult or challenging horse, or moving towards an area of specialization that requires a seamless foundation. 

Mia has a real passion for horse development and currently takes horses for:

-Yearling / Pre-Saddle Training

-Young Horse Starting

-Foundation Training

-Problem Solving/ Re-Starting

When developing your horse Mia's number 1 priority is to stick to her principles and allow the horse to dictate the timeline. It's important to stay progressive but respect your horses Confidence, Curiosity, Sensitivity and Dignity. 

Full livery care is included in all prices. 



It is at this early age that you need to start teaching your horse how to act like a partner. It is in Foal Handling, Yearling and Pre-Saddle training that we start to programme the horse to respond appropriately to pressure, how to solve puzzles and how to respond with respect and without fear. So many horses learn the wrong things at this age, it is easy to programme a horse but it can be challenging to reprogramme them. The key is to give them all the skills they need to become a great partner at this early age. 

This training includes:

-Basic Groundowkr Skills

-Leading and Tying

-Farrier, Vet and Dentist prep.

-Rug prep

-Preparations start for one day saddling them for the first time. 

This is the key stage everyone brushes over, most people wait until their horse is ready to be started to send them away. Having this training sets your horse up so well for the start and sets you up to have a great partnership in the future. Training usually lasts 2-4 weeks at £450/week.


The start isn't's EVERYTHING!!!

The first ride is the most important ride your horse will ever have, it sets them up for the rest of their life. It is so important to make sure horses get a positive, progressive and natural start. 

Mia will help to guide the horse through the colt starting skeleton:

-Accept the saddle

-Accept the human as a passenger

-Accept the human as a guider

-Turn loose

The aim for your horse to find confidence and relaxation in being ridden and guided so that you can begin the next step in your journey. 

Minimum of 4 weeks at £450/week. 


Foundation (equalization) is about developing a solid basis of rapport, respect, impulsion and flexion. A horse without a solid foundation is like a 4 legged stool with one leg missing. You can sit on, maybe even for a while but the second you lean a little bit the wrong way you're on the floor. This is why it is so important to develop your horse in all four savvys. Here are the four savvys and what each one develops: 


-Teaches the horse to follow a feel

-Creates positive patterns

-Builds connection

-Preparation for Liberty


-Builds the horses ability to follow a suggestion

-Tests your relationship

-Helps your horse develop his 'gymnasticity' and athletic capability.

-Builds on your mental and emotional connection with your horse


-Teaches the horse to yield from pressure

-Teaches the horse to re-calibrate

-Builds confidence 

-Builds fitness and gross motor skills 

-Teaches the horse their responsibilities


-Builds fine motor skills 

-Lightens the forehand

-Develops sophisticated communication

-Creates a synergetic unit of horse and rider


We can develop their gaits, strength, balance, impulsion, suppleness, improve their responsiveness and their ability to cope with environmental influences. We want horses to get calmer, smarter and braver so they can think through the pressured situations life will throw at them and be able figure out the puzzles. We aim to give all horses a well rounded, solid foundation so they can go and be successful in whatever sphere you want them to be in. Whether it be trail riding horse or a top level competition horse, no one is more important than the other, every horse deserves a great foundation to set them up for success to become a great partner. 

Do you need to address something specific (impulsion, lead changes etc) or is it just about building and developing your horses equalisation. Whatever it may be we cater to the horses and humans needs on a case to case basis. 

Foundaion Training is for any horse in any discipline and helps avoid future issues that may occur if the horse hasn't had the right building blocks to start with. 



Does your horse have a specific issue that at this point in your journey you don't feel savvy enough to fix? If so we take horses to help them through something they may be really struggling with whether on the ground or in the saddle. 

We develop a plan and a programme for these horses after an initial assessment. We flex to meet the horse and humans needs on a case by case basis. 

Problems may include:

-trailer loading


-bucking/rearing/bolting/ biting



No sedation needed, just training and understanding!

Problem Solving is £475/week.