Mia knew from an early age that she wanted to work with animals, specifically horses! She was drawn to the level of connection and communication you could gain with these powerful and beautiful creatures. 


Coming from a non-horsey family made things trickier, but Mia was determined to learn and spend as much as she could with horses. She was lucky enough to find Parelli Natural Horsemanship, very early on at 13 years old and dedicated her teenage years to figuring out how to learn as much as she could and progress as quickly as possible. 

She got some great results using the home study program and at 17 she had her first clinic with Liz and Sean Coleman with her young Irish Sports Horse, Solo which solidified her desire to become a Parelli Professional. 

Right after finishing her A-Levels Mia became a Working Student for Liz and Sean Coleman for the next 2 years. Here she obtained her level 4 with Solo and had the opportunity to learn from other great professionals in the industry such as Rick and Tik Myanrd, Mike Bridges, Rachael Shawyer, Russell Higgins, Lyla Cansfield, Marion Oesch, Sam Caporn, and many more. 

She was granted a full scholarship to complete her externship in 2018 at 21 years old and became a licensed Parelli Professional after spending a total of 6 months directly with Pat and Linda Parelli in Florida and Colorado. 


Since then Mia has developed herself, her horses and business. She launched The Heart of Horsemanship and teamed up with Classical Dressage Master Peter Maddison-Greenwell of El Caballo de Espana and focused on horse training and teaching as well as expanding and refurbishing the facility to a high standard. 

Now Mia has a small private yard where she cares and develops her own personal horses, as well as taking in a small number of training horses. She has a very high demand for teaching in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicstershire, Warwickshire as well as traveling the country to East Yorkshire and Norfolk.  


In the last 2 years Mia found her passion for performance, liberty and classical dressage and this is what she wants to specialize in alongside her horse training and teaching. She particularly likes working with stallions due to their high dignity, true spirit and need to have a high level of skills, focus and intent. She has more recently spent a great deal of time with Ben Atkinson and continues to train and perform alongside Atkinson Action Horses. 

She has also discovered her love for the competitive sport, Working Equitation, which has four phases of dressage, ease of handling, speed and cattle penning. Truly putting her principles to a purpose. She was selected to join the 2020 Working Equitation Development Squad and recieves monthly training with Paulo Santos, coach of Team GB. 

Mia is a positive, outgoing and enthusiastic young lady and this is reflected in her teaching and her attitude when working with horses. 


Mia is truly living her dream and achieving everything she wanted as a young, horse mad, little girl and now continues to embrace never ending self-improvement in all aspects of her life. 

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